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Let the ocean carry it all by Zeb Andrews - Looking south from the Sutro Baths, along the San Francisco coastline.  

I remember this image, because it was a triumph of sorts, albeit a small one.  But then again, so many of the pictures I make are small triumphs.  This photo came after a challenging bit of morning, where there had been struggles to really get into the right frame of mind.  Photography is perception: we photograph what we see, or how we see.  So how you think, how you feel, how you choose to look about you and interpret all factors in.  Go out in a bad mood, or get discouraged, sullen, glum, unfocused or frustrated and these things impede one's ability to see as clearly, or to see what you would rather see under better mindsets and circumstances.  I was under two clouds not long before I made this image.  There were the literal clouds hanging overhead.  Those I didn't mind in the least.  And then there were the other clouds we sometimes find ourselves under.  It had been a challenging morning for various reasons, but regardless they had left me in a funk and the photography came with difficulty.  

But this story has a happy ending, or at least a happier ending than it did beginning.  Things were turned around: a good conversation was had, some choices were made, I zigged instead of zagged.  Sometimes this isn't easy to do, but it is important to do, especially as a photographer (but not just).  I slowly made my way back to that place I like to visit as often as I can, that space where I operate with a sense of wonder and curiosity for the world, where there aren't edges or boundaries and time flows and light flows and in this case, the ocean flows.  I stood up on this hill, the cool ocean breeze gusting around me, mussing my hair and causing random trash to do curious little dances around my feet and I watched and waited and exposed and breathed and looked and found myself again.  At least a bit of myself for at least a little while.  But that is how it goes.  

We need our places to play and pray and be our ideal selves.  I have found many places in the world that suit this purpose for me.  Where the ocean meets the continent and its everlasting lapping waves can wash around me is one of my favorite spots.  I'm glad this image happened, then, for all the reasons partially explained and many others not.

Hasselblad 500C
Kodak Tri-X

Let the ocean carry it all

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